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Five benefits of Quick Tips nails

Quick Tips will lengthen your nails, getting them ready for fabulous colour and design in a super speedy time. And there are more benefits, too!

Calling all fans of long, elegant nails! If you’re looking to extend your nail length without the hassle of acrylics and other more well-known falsies, Quick Tips extensions might be right up your street.

Quick Tips are clear nail tips that blend in seamlessly with your natural nails, thanks to the way they’re filed down to ‘merge’ with your real nails in a way that looks smooth and natural. After they’re secured with soft gel, you’ll be ready to go with your chosen polish and/or design. Easy!

As well as being a speedy way to long-lasting nail perfection, Quick Tips hold their own in other ways, too. So what are the benefits of these lesser-known extensions?

1. There’s more time for design

We all have places to go and things to do, which is why cramming in time for the salon can be difficult. Luckily, Quick Tips have an application time that doesn’t leave you yawning, and we find that they’re faster to apply than traditional hard gel extensions. It means we can spend less time extending your nails, and more on making them look beautiful.

2. Easy length = room to play

Quick Tips are the perfect way to lengthen your nails and create room for something special, from abstract patterns to floral motifs. Your Quick Tips nails are a totally blank canvas, so you can let your imagination run wild. Bright neons? Check. Mermaid-inspired art? Definitely. Animal print goodness? Absolutely!

In fact, if you’re looking for inspiration, check out our gallery or head to Instagram to see what we can do.

3. They’re easier to remove

Your Quick Tips extensions will last for around three weeks (sometimes longer). When you’re done with your nails, they can be removed far more quickly than acrylics: in fact, because of the soft gel system, they can be soaked off with acetone in around 20 minutes. (We still recommend that you get them professionally removed with us to help protect your nails - nobody likes waiting for months of regrowth.)

4. They’re less damaging that acrylics

Because Quick Tips tend to be less damaging than acrylics, they’re great for people with weaker nails - and those who just like to get their nails done on a regular basis. The process doesn’t involve buffing the surface of your nails to create a rougher surface, so your natural nails are left largely untouched, while the soft gel application is less harsh than the glue needed for acrylics.

There’s a reason Ariana Grande is a fan of this type of nail extension. As someone who’s always sporting fresh nail designs, she knows she needs to keep them in great shape.

5. They’re easy to customise

Just like all good nail extensions, Quick Tips can be designed to suit you. There’s no one-size-fits-all nail extension, so we’ll start by choosing the Quick Tips nail shape that you want, from square to round, straight to almond. We’ll then trim each one to size, so you get exactly what you’re after every single time. Short and square? Easy. Long and tapered? Not a problem! They’re all easy to apply, and we’ll work with you to find the perfect shape.

Ready to book your appointment and get your nails done with Quick Tips extensions? Get in touch by clicking here or email

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