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Will Ombré Brows Suit You?

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Ombré (or powder) brows are the ultimate way to achieve long-lasting, soft and natural-looking brows. So, are they right for you?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way to keep your eyebrows looking naturally perfect - no smudging, no maintenance, and absolutely no fuss - 24/7?

If you’re as excited about never-ending eyebrow perfection as we are, you’ve come to the right place. That effect can be achieved with ombré brows (also known as powder brows), a type of soft-looking semi-permanent makeup (PMU) - and you’d be surprised by how natural they look!

So, is it the right choice for you?

What are ombré brows, anyway?

When your ombré brows are applied, thousands of tiny dots of pigmentation are placed in your skin in a process similar to tattooing. These dots are built up to achieve a soft, multi-tonal effect, forming your ideal eyebrow shape in a way that looks fresh and realistic.

Your new brows can last for up to two years, after which they will require a simple top-up. Other than that, and after the initial healing period, ombré brows are totally maintenance-free!

Will ombré brows suit me?

The beauty of this treatment is that no two sets of brows are alike, and because the technique is so flexible, yours will always be designed to completely suit you. Dark or fair skin, thin or thick eyebrows, makeup fan or not - everyone’s different, and your ombré brows will be too.

The natural look

One thing we love about ombré brows is that they give a soft, powder-like finish that can look totally natural - absolutely nothing like a ‘tattoo’, and definitely not blocky. That’s because the gradient of colour carefully mimics the way eyebrows naturally thin out and thicken in different places, resulting in a flawless shape and colour.

Because of this, ombré brows are suited to pretty much everyone, even if you usually rock the ‘no makeup’ look. Remember, this treatment is completely bespoke to you and your style.

Patchy/thin/thick eyebrows

Nobody’s brows are naturally perfect, but ombré brows don’t discriminate. If you have patchy, thin, or gappy brows, ombré brows will do the heavy lifting by visually filling those gaps. They’re a great way to make brows a little thicker, especially for those of us who may have overplucked in the past.

But don’t worry - if your brows are already thick, the technique will absolutely accommodate this. It’s all about what you want to get from it.

Different skin tones

Ombré brows can complement all skin tones, so no matter who you are, there’s a pigment for you. We’ll work with you to find the perfect colour and gradient, taking into account your skin tone and natural hair colour instead of using a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Don’t worry if you’ve seen pictures of ombré brows and think they wouldn’t look good on your face; that’s likely because they’re not your brows.

Sounds great! But is it worth it?

If you’re often filling in your brows, this PMU technique can be an absolute lifesaver because you can literally roll out of bed and go (and who doesn’t want an extra ten minutes in the morning?). And even if you don’t like wearing makeup, you might be surprised by the results of an ombré brow thanks to their soft and natural-looking finish.

Remember, ombré brows can last for up to two years, so if you feel like your eyebrows are naturally too thin or light - or you fancy cutting down on makeup time in the morning - you’ll get a lot for your one-off investment. Not to mention they’re gym-proof, rain-proof, and just about everything-proof.

We understand that any kind of PMU is a commitment, so nothing’s more important to us than working with you to design brows you love. If you’re interested, why not chat to us about your options? You can get in touch by clicking here or by emailing

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