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All about perfect PMU lips

Updated: Feb 27

Rolling out of bed with our favourite lippy already on? Sounds dreamy to us. But far from being a fantasy that vanishes as soon as you open your eyes, permanent lip colour (often known as lip tattooing or lip blushing) is one hundred percent real.

Tell me more!

Despite sometimes being known as lip ‘tattoos’, permanent makeup (PMU) lips are all about the natural look. Colour is implanted into your lips using a special digital device with super-fine needles and carefully deposited throughout, blending in with your real lip colour to create a soft, natural and totally beautiful shade.

Your PMU lips could last between one and three years depending on your lifestyle and the natural shade of your lips. Your new colour will fade over time, but the process is slow and you can have the pigment boosted to keep everything perfect.

So is it right for me?

There are lots of reasons to get PMU lips, not least the time and effort you’ll save. (And no more risk of smudging lipstick on your chin, or the crisis of your favourite colour selling out, or that moment you realise you fell asleep with your makeup on… again.) You’re also a great candidate if you:

  • Already wear a natural-tone lipstick every day

  • Want extra definition in your lips

  • Want to rebalance an uneven shape

  • Love the enhanced but natural look.

PMU lips won’t replicate super-bold shades, but no worries, as you can still apply your favourite colour when you’re dressed to impress.

At the end of the day it’s not for everyone, and that’s fine! But if you want perfect, smudge-free lips that can survive everything from a glass of wine to bawling at The Notebook, PMU lips might be right for you.

Hmm, sounds a bit scary...

It’s natural to be a little nervous about permanent makeup. That’s why you’ll have a consultation before anything happens; it’s so important that you feel great about getting your lips done, and that you’re confident you’re getting exactly what you want.

We’ll chat about the results you’re expecting, including the shade and definition you’re after, as well as your reasons for getting your lips done. It’s also a great time for us to see your natural lip colouring and think together about what shade would look good on you. We’ll go through aftercare together (you won’t need any time out, just a bit of lip TLC for a few days) and any questions you have. And don’t worry - it hurts a lot less than most people expect.

Of course, at your actual appointment we’ll draw your lips on and get them absolutely perfect before anything is tattooed. You’ll always have the final say - this is all about you!

Top tip

Bring your favourite everyday lipstick to your consultation as a reference point for the shade you want.

If you like the sound of PMU lips, get in touch about a consultation by clicking here or emailing See you soon!

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