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Laser Hair Removal: The Do's and Don'ts for Silky Smooth Skin

Embarking on the journey to silky, hair-free skin 24/7 through laser hair removal is a thrilling adventure. To ensure your path to smoothness is seamless and successful, let's delve into the essential do's and don'ts of laser hair removal. Elevate your experience and embrace the elegance of a hair-free life with these expert guidelines.

The Do's:

1. Do Choose a Reputable Clinic:


Elevate your laser hair removal experience by selecting a reputable and certified clinic. Ensure the technicians are skilled and the equipment is up-to-date, creating a trustworthy environment for your beauty journey. Here at NVH Aesthetics in Bromley we have the latest technology Diode laser machine that offers speedy painless hair removal.

2. Do Schedule a Consultation:

Before diving into the laser world, schedule a consultation with a professional. Discuss your skin type, hair colour, and medical history to customise the treatment plan for optimal results. Knowledge is the key to a successful laser hair removal experience.

3. Do Shave Before Your Session:

For effective and comfortable treatments, shave the targeted area 24 hours before your laser session. This allows the laser to target the hair follicle more precisely without the interference of surface hair.

4. Do Protect Your Skin from the Sun:

Shield your treated skin from the sun's powerful rays. Sun exposure increases the risk of complications post-laser, so apply sunscreen generously and avoid tanning to maintain the health and integrity of your skin.

5. Do Follow Post-Treatment Care:

Nurture your skin post-treatment with care. Moisturise regularly and avoid harsh skincare products. Following the recommended aftercare guidelines ensures a smoother healing process and enhances the longevity of your results.

The Don'ts:

1. Don't Wax or Pluck Beforehand:

Steer clear of waxing or plucking before your laser session. These methods remove the hair follicle, which is the target for the laser. Shaving is the preferred method to maintain the integrity of the follicle while achieving optimal results.

2. Don't Tan Before Your Session:

Sun-kissed skin may be lovely, but it's not ideal before laser hair removal. Tanning increases the risk of skin complications and may interfere with the laser's effectiveness. Aim for your natural skin tone to ensure a safe and successful treatment.

3. Don't Rush the Healing Process:

Patience is key post-laser. Allow your skin the time it needs to heal properly. Avoid picking or scratching the treated area, as this could lead to irritation, redness, or even scarring.

4. Don't Skip Multiple Sessions:

Achieving silky-smooth perfection takes time. Commit to multiple laser sessions as recommended by your technician. Consistency is the secret to long-lasting results, so stay the course for the ultimate hair-free outcome.

5. Don't Hesitate to Communicate:

Your journey is a partnership with your laser technician. Don't hesitate to communicate any concerns or questions you may have throughout the process. Open dialogue ensures your comfort and satisfaction with each session.


Embark on your journey to hair-free elegance armed with these essential do's and don'ts. Laser hair removal is not just a treatment; it's a commitment to a smoother, more carefree lifestyle. Follow these guidelines, embrace the process, and revel in the beauty of effortlessly silky skin.

So what are you waiting for? Book in a consultation today!


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